We believe you are needed in this world.

About your Reality

There are many people who need your gifts. The clients you want are out there. You’re not connecting with them because your subconscious is afraid: afraid of failing, afraid of responsibility, afraid of being overworked or overwhelmed, afraid of being judged, even afraid of succeeding.

It has sabotaged your success to keep you safe, then it got you addicted to the resulting struggle to lock in that safety. Remove the addiction, remove the fear, and you remove the obstacles you’ve been encountering.

That’s when you become visible, powerful, successful. And the clients start coming to you. That’s when your income matches your impact. That’s when you start changing the world. Are you ready for that reality?

Are you sick of the same story?

I get it. I was one stuck in the same life, having the same days over and over. In my case, I suffered through arthritis for years, watching my body slowly deteriorate, until I discovered that what I was experiencing was a reality addiction. When I removed the addiction, the arthritis went away OVERNIGHT.

Right now, you are in a reality addiction of your own. It could be to struggle or lack or illness like I was, or something else. It took me eighteen years to get out of my addiction. I can help you get out of yours much faster. Imagine if the results in your life started to change within weeks. What if they started to change within days? It’s possible.

It’s time to rewrite your reality. Let me show you how.

– Shiraz.


“I’ve met countless coaches.Shiraz is the best.”

– Marc Jarrett, Virtual Power Connector

What you are going to get.

It’s our mission to empower you to increase your success, improve your health, and create more freedom for you all while impacting your clients greater than ever before.

In our premium coaching programs you will get personalized attention where you will discover and remove your addictions to struggle, lack, frustration, and competition.

You will get addicted to a new reality of opportunity, abundance, joy, and collaboration resulting in a better life for you, your loved ones, and your clients.


“I was totally petrified to do any kind of speaking online. Now I have three under my belt with over 5,000 people. So this fear that’s been haunting my my whole entire life has, I think, been resolved.“

– Devin Kinasz: Producer, Travelweek, Toronto. 

Books & Publications

Books and compilations buy Shiraz.

Reality Shifting

How to Rewrite Reality

Learn techniques to escape your current struggles and create a new reality for yourself.


Turning Points 2

Transformational stories that will show you how your personal story can inspire others.


Finding You

Powerful lessons on why you need to be you and not who you think others will accept.