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Would you like life to become easier and more fun? Would you love to access untapped success potential? Would you like amazing results for you and your clients?

Escape Reality Addiction

What if you’re unknowingly addicted to your current circumstances? What if what you’ve been chalking up to misfortune has been unconscious intention? What if the harder you try to succeed, the more the addiction kicks in and pushes you in the other direction?

We believe the world needs your gifts and talents. We believe the right clients for you are waiting to find you. We believe that your message matters. It’s an addiction you didn’t even know was there that’s keeping you from helping others at the level that you could be.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to tell you when your results are due to reality addiction and not just bad luck? Wouldn’t it be even better if that person could guide you out of that addiction, overcome the resulting withdrawal, and get you firmly positioned in a new, happier, more abundant reality? What impact would you have on your clients and the world?

Through Energetic Magic, you will create better results, faster, and with more confidence and ease. The process is simple and yet powerful with results showing up within weeks, days, and sometimes even hours.

If you’ve been frustrated with temporary or no results significant results through business and coaching problems, the problem isn’t what you’re doing; it’s who you’re addicted to being. It’s time to change that. It’s time to be the you hidden beneath the fear-based addiction. It’s time to unleash the powerhouse you’ve been holding back from the world.

Imagine the right opportunities showing up with ease. Imagine your business becoming less work as it grows. Imagine having a greater impact on your clients than ever before.

“The Results that I got from working with [Shiraz] were: I just felt better about myself, I felt better in my own skin, my mindset was cleaner, I was making better decisions for myself, and I was showing up as a better version of myself, and not just in my business but for my family as well.”

Andy Torr

Founder & Head Coach, The League of Remarkable Men

In just a few seconds he slid me sideways into a new reality, but in such a grounded and respectful way that I felt I had full choice over whether to shift or not but the new paradigm was opened up for me to stay in if I wished. It’s so quick but so stable! There’s no one like him, and I have worked with many.

Antonia Azoitel

Actor & Producer, The Inner Six

Now my business calendar is consistently full

When I came to Shiraz it was because I was having problems booking more than four people a month. I had tried various ways to get more clients but never managed to break or even maintain that personal threshold.

The afternoon, after our session, I received a call for my fifth client for that month. The next week I booked a sixth client for the month, without even having time to change my marketing strategy. New clients just started contacting me and now my business calendar is consistently full.

I love working with Shiraz because I can shift a belief quickly. We work as a team, with each question, to uncover the limiting belief.

Surprisingly my calendar always has room for one more.

Tammy Adams
Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist
Paris, ON

So much has changed!

changed. My relationship with my kids is I think, it’s about my love relationships.


Carina Reeves
Relationship Coach
Toronto, ON

The doors have been unlocked.

He worked on my fear of success, which was blocking me from getting more clients. I felt a huge sense of relief after he worked on me and, the very next day, I realized that the sense of overwhelm I used to have was no longer there. I also started getting inquiries about my services, and a few signed up, which is pretty amazing. The doors have been unlocked.

Nisreen MamFoda
Certified Hypnotist, Holistic Life Solutions

This made all the difference.

There’s something that happens. I don’t have the scientific way to describe it, but I can tell you it absolutely has changed how I feel about myself. It’s it’s as if different pathways in my brain, different places in my cells are like this release. And it it’s permanent. It feels like there’s a peace where there was a battle before.

Dianne Jamieson
Corporate Facilitator/Trainer
Hamilton, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reality interventionist?

Just like people are addicted to alcohol, drugs, and sugar, you can be addicted to a certain reality: to struggle, to lack, to adversity. The difference is that it doesn’t feel like an addiction, you just keep experiencing the same circumstances even though you think you don’t want them.

A Reality Interventionist shows you where your addictions lie and helps you to get free of them as well as deal with the resulting systems of withdrawal: yo-yo income, illness, frustration.

You eventually become addicted to a new, more fulfilling reality until you choose to step up from that one.


How Do I Know if Reality Shifting Is Right for Me?

If you’ve been through other programs and either not gotten results, or more likely, gotten temporary results, then you’ve been a victim of reality withdrawal. Working with a reality intervention will stop this from happening.

Do you help people with illness?

Indirectly. My focus is on success achievement, but many people create illness to avoid success. If you have a pattern of an illness flaring up when you’re close to a big success, you’re a good candidate for reality shifting.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

You can join our monthly subscription program for individuals and couples.

Corporations can employ services on retainer.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur or coach, our signature 3-year Million-Dollar Impact Makers program is perfect for your ongoing success.

Can anyone do energetic Magic?

Yes. Ask about our certification course so you can become a practitioner and impact your clients more powerfully. 

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