Monthly Magic

Subscribe to this ongoing mentoring program that gives you quick and easy daily mindset activities to build you mental muscles to overcoming adversity, be less reactive, worry less, and progress more. Weekly content to inspire you. Semi-monthly 90-minute group coaching calls to powerfully shift your reality. And optional full-day classes once a month to create huge transformation. This group is focused on creating money and success in your life and business.

Have you been working hard, but not seeing the results you’d like?

Has success been eluding you? Do you know that much of success isn’t just the actions you take, but the beliefs held in your subconscious mind. Many people have limiting beliefs they are not aware of. These beliefs can cause you to self-sabotage even though, at a conscious level, you are trying your hardest to create success and are frustrated by your current results.

When you have a way to find and destroy these limiting beliefs, your reality will actually shift around you, often like magic. That’s where the Monthly Magic program comes in.

Led by Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, you will cover topics like:



  • Success Mindset
  • Deepening Relationships
  • Confidence & Self-Worth
  • Being Seen, Being Authentic
  • Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Removing Money Blocks
  • Motivation & Momentum
  • Business Success
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Empathy & Trust
  • Manifesting Goals

The exercises and lessons are designed to quickly move you into a new way of being.

In each new month, you’ll be destroying the limiting beliefs that come up around that month’s theme. You will also find that the problems that others bring up on the coaching calls match, or are similar, to your own, so as they get addressed, so do yours.

This program uses proven techniques to move you towards bigger success. Don’t wait to be a part of something that feels magical.

Mental Muscle Building App

Use a powerful app that has been tested on thousands of people to train your brain to focus on positive results, less self-judgements, and more flow in your life.

Emailed Inspirational Content

Emails all month around the monthly theme to help you work through common limiting beliefs about whatever the topic is this month that you can go back to time and time again.

Discount on private sessions and events.

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Semi-Monthly Coaching Calls

Online. 2 daily 90-min. beliefs shifting sesisons twice a month. Remove your limiting beliefs and celebrate your wins.

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