Which Genre are you?

Every person experiences genres. Are you struggling through trauma (Tragedy)? Does you live in fear (Horror)? Is you facing many struggles (Drama)? Is you bored with life or just going through the same daily activities with little to no change (Documentary)? Are you actively achieving goals (Action)? Are you having fun (Comedy)?


Now, you have your ups and downs; you go through various genres throughout each day, but you have an overarching genre—your default. This is the genre in which you spend most of your days. When you think of a person, you can usually name that person’s default genre, even if that person disagrees. Furthermore, each genre is related to energetic frequencies. The higher the frequency, the better the life of the person.


The genres from lowest to highest are Tragedy, Horror, Drama, Documentary, Action/Adventure, Comedy, and Prophecy.


Let's discover which one you're in. Please be brutally honest when you answer these questions. If you choose something that's more of where you want to be than where you actually are, you'll get an incorrect result and incorrect advice. If more than one answer seems right, pick the one you feel more of the time.


Let's go!