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Magnify Your Visibility. Amplify Your Confidence

July 22, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Remove the fear to be seen, and watch your confidence soar!

In this interactive workshop, you will discover the hidden beliefs behind the fear, nervousness, or simple inaction you experience in finding speaking platforms, speaking on stage, and growing your business after your speaking event. Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, will work directly with participants to uncover and remove their hidden beliefs. This results in a renewed sense of drive; less anxiety over being visible & being judged; and a heightened awareness of what’s been holding you back so that you can step forward into new spotlights with greater confidence. You can choose to work with Shiraz directly or benefit from the other participants when their goals, worries, and stories mirror your own. These workshops are always powerful and have resulted in changes to people’s results within days of the event.

“I was totally petrified to do any kind of speaking online. Now I have three under my belt with over 5000 people. So this fear that’s been haunting my my whole entire life has, I think, been resolved.”

– Devin Kinasz, Producer, Travelweek

“I just felt better about myself. I felt better in my own skin. My mindset was cleaner. I was making better decisions for myself, and I was showing up as a better version of myself, and not just in my business, but for my family.”

– Andy Torr, Founder, The League of Remarkable Men.


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