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Energetic Magic Self Mastery with Carina Reeves

June 8 @ 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

This new class is to up level your Energetic Magic home practice game.

If you are reading this you already know and LOVE Energetic Magic.

You’ve taken Level 1 or more, worked with Shiraz and others, and have had probably bunches of magical shifts.


Most of the actual shifting you did was for other people, right?

And most of the shifts you received were from other people, right?

The practice of using Energetic Magic by you FOR YOU is another story altogether.

We are always our own biggest challenges, and Energetic Magic is like that too.

Introducing, Self Mastery for Energetic Magic.

This upcoming Masterclass is a beta test for a new program I’m creating and it’s going to show you the places where you are in your own way.

Knowing the deep Magic of tapping into Source for someone else expands you past your own loops and blind spots, but if you keep trying to clear stuff for yourself AND IT’S NOT WORKING, you haven’t yet learned how to expand past your Ego for yourself.

Loops, limitations, and pitfalls like:

🥶 trying to keep everyone else happy

🥶 trying to fulfill someone else’s desire

🥶 believing that your next step has to be in a polarity

🥶 believing that only this or that are possible

🥶 waiting to make a move until it feels safe

🥶 choosing your fear over your truth

🥶 believing the only way to get X is Y

As you learned in Energetic Magic Level 1, Source connects you to everything, and Source’s capacity and knowing are exponentially greater than yours… like, times an INFINITY greater than you, and yet we still try to play our little games and have our little rules to try and boss Source around.

In this Masterclass, I will witness, reflect, and redirect your Energetic Magic process with YOURSELF, giving you insight and clarity for where you have been lying to yourself and believing Ego’s silver tongue.

Cool, right?

You will still benefit from receiving coaching and from going to Energetic Magic practice sessions, but this class could move you past that all together!

This class is the space where you practice how you do Energetic Magic on yourself for your day to day mindset work with YOU.

You’ll get to:

💥 learn the habits and danger zones of YOUR Ego

💥 feel what it feels like to tap into Source beyond your triggers

💥 Trust yourself more deeply as you practice trusting Source over your Ego

💥 move more quickly and easily through your day to day blocks and frustrations

💥 practice using the tools more effectively and thoroughly for YOU

I am very excited about Energetic Magic Self Mastery, and I would LOVE for you to join me! Click the button and let’s do this.


Energetic Magic