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Clearing Out the Negative Energies and Limiting Beliefs of 2020

December 31, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join me for this special New Year’s eve workshop where I clear out the crappy energies you’ve picked up this year

2020 has been quite a ride with a lot of negative energy, limiting beliefs, and trauma. You’ve had to deal with a viral outbreak, insane political battles, riots, uprisings, suppressions, financial hardships, and more. Don’t start 2021 with all of that weighing you down. Before you start the new year, clear out the negative energies and crap of the old year.

Imagine each issue that 2020 brought you as a rock that gets put in a backpack you’re wearing. Do you want to walk into 2021 with all those rocks to deal with? What if in one afternoon you could lighten the load considerably? Are you going to take advanatage of this opportunity or do what most people do year after year and continue to weigh yourself down? Take action now.

Join Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, for a transformational experience as he uses his belief shifting and energy healing techniques to clear the negative energies, limiting beliefs, and success barriers of the participants. Watch the effect on others or volunteer for a personal transformation. Shiraz works much less on what you do, and more on who you are, because who you are attracts the results you’re looking for. If you find his technique of energy healing through belief shifting powerful then you can find out about Shiraz’s limiting belief shifting classes or sign up to learn Energetic Magic yourself.

General Admission for the 1pm-4pm session

VIP tickets include a second more intimate session from 4:30pm-6pm and a 25 minute private session with Shiraz.

Energetic Magic is a powerful energy healing technique that can help, not only in healing physical ailments, but healing emotional, relationship, and financial issues. It focusses on using energy to overcome limiting beliefs locked in you that create the issue or issues that need healing.

Energetic Magic

More About this Event

Energetic Magic healing is a new modality that simplifies energy healing so that changes in you can occur in as little as a few minutes. Because it help you overcome limiting beliefs, Energetic Magic can affect any area of your life that needs healing: health, career, relationship, finances, spirituality, and even money. Shiraz works directly with Source(Universal/God/Divine) energy to access knowledge and then shift your reality. If you need to get unstuck in a specific area in your life, this energy healing technique can help.

I highly recommend experiencing this Energetic Magic masterclass because it can powerfully overcome limiting beliefs you’ve created personally as well as get you out of parental, cultural, and societal limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your best life. Source energy surrounds us all day, and Energetic Magic offers a simple but effective method for you to access it intentionally. Most people tap into Source energy unconsciously, instead of consciously, which is why they aren’t seeing the healing in their lives they are asking for. Energetic Magic healing is based on the philosophy that the unconscious limiting beliefs in you can be easily accessed and overcome through simple intention. The information needed to find those beliefs comes from tapping into Source energy.

Don’t take my word for it. People who have attended this class have felt the healing occur in the moment and seen changes in their lives within days of the event. The lessons taught in this class will help you, not only overcome limiting beliefs, but also help you avoid taking on new limiting beliefs, and give you tools to create a life of health, happiness, and wealth.

You can also access previous sessions on YouTube.


This is a live video chat (via Zoom). Bring your questions, issues, and concerns and we’ll tackle as many as we can. You can participate or just listen in. You’ll still receive the benefits of the energy healing and belief shifting.

A link will be included on your confirmation email when you register. Please scroll down to the “Additional Information” section to see it.

About Energetic Magic:

Energetic Magic was created in 2014. The business is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with all services available online to everyone as well as most classes.

The catalyst for its creation occurred when Shiraz cured himself of arthritis overnight through energy healing and belief shifting. Shiraz soon found that this technique could be used, not only for physical energy healing, but financial, spiritual, emotional healing and more.

“Beliefs first, reality second.”


Energetic Magic