What if you could work through your self employment fears, limiting beliefs about being a boss, tech hangups, and launch your business in 8 weeks?


ROUND TWO STARTS ON SEPT 7th! Entrepreneur Bootcamp Starts in








Okay let me rephrase that…


What if, you knew exactly what steps to take to launch your successful business, and had eight weeks of mindset coaching, business coaching and technical support, to get you there?

… and what if you didn’t have to do it alone, frustrated and googling all the things (WTF is DNS?, I feel like I’ll fail, and why do I keep putting off marketing?)…

You don’t want to live your life waiting for the weekend and retirement. You don’t want to work for someone else’s profit and/or vision.

Your lived experience creates in you knowledge to share in the world… You’ve gone through or figured something out so someone else won’t have to; what you have can make things better.

We’ve evolved sharing our knowledge. What is holding you back from sharing yours?

If you want to join a program where we help you navigate the energy, mindset and the technical resistance that is holding you back (and can roar up a little more when you set out to start your Business) ….

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So here is the thing, you know that in order to launch your business you must:



Write a Business Plan

Articulate Your Ideal Client

Set Prices

Create a Brand

Register Your Business

Set up Your Domain and Email

Set up a Mailing List and Welcome Email

Create a Logo

Set up for Online Appts.

Set up Social Media


Set up Email Signature

Set up Auto Expanders

Set up CRM Software

Set up Accounting Software

Write Bios

Get Business Headshots

Practice and Prep for Pitches and Interviews

Set up Payment Processors

Set up A Lead Magnet

Deal with comments and judgement from family.


 Set up Key Words and Research Hashtags

Set up system for testimonials

Set up a landing page

Set up a page for social media links

Set up referrals

Learn to hire a web designer and  manage a website.

Set up Automations

Set up a webinar




Can you imagine owning and running a business in eight weeks?



Setting Your Own Hours


Sharing your talents and skills


Free to travel and roam in the laptop lifestyle


Building YOUR vision and brand.


No longer working away for someone elses profit.

If you want to learn how to launch your business with a good foundation while developing a success mindset, then this program is calling for you…


the belief shifting and business launching

Entrepreneur Bootcamp


The step by step, eight week program that takes you through the basics setting up and automating your business, with coaching to help tackle any resistance that pops up.

Here’s what people have said about working with Shiraz and shifting with Energetic Magic

“He worked on my fear of success, which was blocking me from getting more clients. I felt a huge sense of relief after he worked on me and, the very next day, I realized that the sense of overwhelm I used to have was no longer there. I also started getting inquiries about my services, and a few signed up, which is pretty amazing. The doors have been unlocked.”

Nisreen MamFoda
Certified Hypnotist, Holistic Life Solutions

“Not only have I moved my practice from my home to into a clinic of my own, but I have also quintupled my income.”

Chantal Milot, Owner, Chantal Milot & Associates.

(A Top Ten Sports Massage Therapist in Ontario, 2019 & 2020 Consumer Choice Award Winner for Business Excellence, we’re proud ❤️)

ROUND TWO STARTS ON SEPT 7th! Entrepreneur Bootcamp Starts in








Here is how it all breaks down…


Weekly Coaching

You get access to view or participate in two weekly 1-hour sessions running for 8 weeks. Small groups.  Online. You get  lifetime access to the recordings.


Tech Support and a Private Facebook Group with a Like Minded Community

You get access to view of participate in two weekly 1-hour tech support and Q&A questions.


Co-working and Accountability

Two co-working/accountability 1-hour sessions weekly to help you stay on track.


Templates to Start you off Faster ($300)

Specialized speadsheets, canva templates, zapier templates, email and landing page copy and design templates and social media copy.

40 lessons that take you through the basics

Articulating Your Why

Identifying the Client Problem

Craft Your Client Avatar

Refine the Proposition

The Trust Equation

Creating a Logo

Setting up Social Media for Your Business

Setting up a Mailing List

Crafting a Marketing Plan


Write Your Bio

Sharing Your Business News

Business Headshots

SEO & Visibility - Hashtags and Keywords

Lead Magnets and Crafting a Free Offer

Setting Up a Landing Page

One Link to Rule them All

Ads and Social Media

Setting Up a Webinar

How Websites Work and How to Own One

Building a Business Plan

Registering Your Business

Buying a Domain and Setting up Your Business Email

Basic Graphic Design Info and How to on Canva

Setting Up a Brand Board

Setting Up an Autoscheduler

Email Signatures and Text Expanders

Customer Relationship Managment Software

Goal Setting, Milestones and Getting Shit Done

Perspectives and the Customer Journey

PR and Interview Prep

Practicing Your Pitch

Getting Paid

Getting Testimonials

Tracking Income and Expense and Software that Helps

Business/Admin Automation

Automated Emails


Setting Up Referals

Thriving in the Zoom Boom

What makes Entrepreneur Bootcamp different?

Mindset work with Energetic Magic isn’t just mindset work. It’s a highly specialized way of identifying and clearing limiting beliefs right there in the moment. Clearing for one, addresses the beliefs of the group. 🤯

Easy, simple and practical technical advice on starting your company and marketing.
40 Lessons that take you through everything, with tech support office hours weekly and in the facebook group.

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Did someone say bonuses?

Hell Yeah! Sign up by September 1, 2021!

Bonus 1: Because this month’s Saturday Class is on business, we’re including it in the program for FREE! ($300 value)


Bonus 2: Get a VIP ticket to the Profitable Speakers Live workshop for the price of a regular ticket ($100 discount)


Bonus 3: Attend the I HATE Speaking & Selling workshop for FREE! ($200 value)


Bonus 4: Attend next month’s Active Listening workshop for FREE! ($75 value)


Bonus 5: Quick Starters can use code BOOTCAMPFAST09 to get 33% OFF when you join before Wednesday September 1st. ($500 discount for Particpant level)


Bonus 6: Quick Starters get a 30-minute private session with me to work on their business beliefs when you join before Wednesday September 1st. ($400 value)


Bonus 7: Quick Starters get their choice of one of the last 3 Saturday classes for this year when you join before Wednesday September 1st: the Health, Vitality, & Aging class in October, the Developing Empathy and Trust class in November, or the Manifesting Magic class in December. ($300 value)

Meet Shiraz.

“The biggest lesson life has taught me is that your beliefs create your reality. It’s not the other way around. When you really get this, you can begin to change your beliefs and watch your reality change as a result”

“BTW, that’s me with Jack Canfield, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, who is quoted on my book.”


You Got Questions & We Got Answers (hopefully to those questions).

I already own a business, is there a benefit for me to take this program?

How is your business doing? If you are hitting most of the marks you want and facing one or two specific problems, maybe something like our Monthly Magic program would be best. If you launched a business and it didn’t go anywhere? You should click through below and join us!

Are there payment plans?

Hells yes. It’s a pandemic and times be tough for some. We are happy to offer payment plans on the top two tier levels.

What times are the coaching calls?

Coaching calls are on Wednesdays. There are two groups one at 1pm Eastern and another at 8pm Eastern, choose the one that works for you. Small groups per session. 

In the Accelerator program did you say UNLIMITED sessions?

Yes. It’s something new. 15 minute unlimited sessions for six months. The sessions will begin after the Bootcamp ends.
You can book a session a day Monday-Thursday. Conditions apply: only 1 session booked at a time. You cannot book a new session if homework has been assigned and you haven’t completed it.

When are the calls?

For the fall round of Entrepreneur Bootcamp the call schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays – 7pm EST – Coworking and Accountability

Wednesdays 1 & 7 pm EST – Coaching Calls

Thursday  7pm EST – Tech Coaching Calls

Sundays – 2pm EST – Coworking and Accountability.

This is perfect for you if…

You've wanted to start your own business or sort of started on over the pandemic but didn't worry about the basics.

Your business seems stuck, too much work not enough success.

You tried before and it didn't work out (let's try again together).

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