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2020 has been quite a ride with a lot of negative energy, limiting beliefs, and trauma. You’ve had to deal with a viral outbreak, insane political battles, riots, uprisings, suppressions, financial hardships, and more. Don’t start 2021 with all of that weighing you down. Before you start the new year, clear out the negative crap of the old year.

Imagine each issue that 2020 brought you as a rock that gets put in a backpack you’re wearing. Do you want to walk into 2021 with all those rocks to deal with? What if in one afternoon you could lighten the load considerably? Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity or do what most people do year after year and continue to weigh yourself down?

Join Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, for a transformational experience as he uses his belief shifting techniques to clear the negative energies, limiting beliefs, and success barriers of the participants. Watch the effect on others or volunteer for a personal transformation. Shiraz works much less on what you do, and more on who you are, because who you are attracts the results you’re looking for.

This is the 7th year this event has been going and looks to be the most powerful experience yet.

Energetic Magic is a powerful belief shifting technique that can help heal physical, emotional, relationship, and financial issues. It focusses on destroying the limiting beliefs that you don’t even know you have that are affecting your behaviour, mindset, and health. This results in increased clarity, happiness, and well-being as well as improved relationships and financial success.

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