About Us

The problem you have with your beliefs is that 95% of them are present at a subconscious level, and are often in opposition to your conscious goals. The beliefs you’ve created, for the most part, are designed to keep you safe.

Unfortunately, being safe doesn’t mean being happy. For instance, suppose you want to be a singer, but you have a subconscious belief that as more people know about you, the greater the danger to your life. Then the further you try to get in your career the more that belief will assert itself to keep you safe.

This results in bad decisions, illness, deals falling through, and a variety of outcomes to make sure too many people don’t know about you. However, because the belief is subconscious, you don’t even know it’s there, so you assume what you’re doing is wrong and you try to course correct your career with different promotions, songs, associates, etc.. You try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist while the real problem subverts all of your actions. With Energetic Magic, we go to the core beliefs and destroy them. Once they’re gone, your life flows more easily. You may even find that things that didn’t work before do now. Clients often describe the change as magical, which is how Energetic Magic got its name.


Shiraz’s Story



The biggest lesson life has taught me is that your beliefs create your reality. It’s not the other way around. When you come to accept this then you get to a place where you can begin to change your beliefs and watch your reality change as a result. Here’s how this principle was shown in a huge way to me…

At the age of twenty-two, what seemed like a great life for me took a sudden turn as I was struck with arthritis. This was not just the “my joints hurt” kind. There were days when I would literally crawl to the bathroom to pee, struggling not to scream or cry from the amount of pain I was in. Everyone advised me to take arthritis medication, but I refused. You see, my mother had arthritis too and she’d been on many medications for years. While they helped her at times, she kept having to switch to new ones as her body stopped responding to each one. She also got addicted to pain killers for a time. On top of that, the side effects of the drugs left her legally blind and deteriorated other body functions. I was having none of that, no matter what pain I had to endure. Luckily, the disease would go into remission for periods. It was not until years later that I found out what triggered it.



The arthritis came and went and came and went, each time deteriorating my joints and limiting my mobility further. Finally, I had had enough. My father told me of a program in India called Combined Therapy that might help me. It was at a hospital founded by his guru, Swami Rama. I had met this man and had a great respect for him. He had since passed away but I decided to go try the treatment. However, Combined Therapy was no longer offered. I did not discover this until I had flown to India and arrived at the hospital. But I was there so I made do. Another treatment that interested me called pancha karma was given at the Ayurvedic Centre at the hospital. Most people go for a three week session to clean out their bodies. I stayed for five months. Here is where the universe stepped in more visibly than I’d noticed before.



While the pancha karma treatment did clean out my body, my arthritis didn’t respond to it. Then one day one of the creators of the Combined Therapy program arrived and offered to put me through the program while he was there for a few weeks. (There are no coincidences.) What I learned in the program I probably would never have accepted at the time I first got the arthritis and that is that almost all diseases are psychosomatic. While the effects are real and physical, we create them from our mental state. We are in a state of dis-ease. The “treatment” I underwent was more akin to talking to a psychiatrist.

We looked at my life, particularly my childhood, and found the cause of my arthritis. When my mom got sick, I wanted to take care of her and assumed responsibility for her. I was eight at the time. From then on as I grew and matured, I subconsciously assumed responsibility for the rest of my family, and then my friends, and then my classmates. When I enrolled in a program in university that wasn’t really what I wanted, but what I decided was the responsible thing to do, my body said, “Enough!” Arthritis struck. The arthritis was a solution to an unconscious problem that I couldn’t solve. There was no way I could be responsible for anyone while I was in pain in bed. From my mind’s point of view this was the most practical and “safe” solution. Things got worse as I went into the workforce and took responsibility for my co-workers. Each time it went into remission was when I was working overseas away from everyone and everything I felt responsible for. Each time I came back to them, it hit me again.



Now that I had this awareness, I made the decision not be responsible for anyone but myself from that day forward. When I woke up the next morning all of the pain and inflammation of the disease were gone and they didn’t return. The damage was still there and I am working to repair that, but the amazing thing was that one choice, that determined decision, changed my reality.

Buuilding on that, I created my own modality called Energetic Magic based on the premise that our beliefs create our realities. Through it I’ve helped people shift their realities like I did, although with Energetic Magic I’ve seen people shift their realities in as little as a one hour session. Most people require longer as multiple beliefs can hold a reality in place and many people are uncomfortable with big changes, so they change their realities bit by bit, but my longest term client has been with me for six years and has quintupled her income in that time while winning multiple awards for her business and creating free time for vacations. On the other hand, my shortest term client quit her job, dumped her boyfriend, moved out of her place, and is currently working in a wellness centre in Costa Rica and happier than she’s ever been in her life after just ONE session! I love what I do and plan to help more and more people create the realities they desire.