Shift your reality in just a few minutes in this powerful group coaching session.

Often times we feel we are making the right choices but things are just going wrong. The problem may not be the actions you’re taking but the energy you’re being. Unconscious beliefs and blocks can keep us from living the lives we desire.

Energetic Magic is a powerful modality that taps into source energy (divine energy, universal consciousness) to change the belief patterns in people to create more freedom and choice in their lives. Using it, you can affect your career, relationships, health, and even money situations. During this session, Reality Shifting Specialist, Shiraz, will read where your subconscous beliefs contradict your conscious goals and desires and then help you to step out of those beliefs into a new reality that empowers you rather than imprisons you.

This is a live video chat (via Zoom). Bring your questions, issues, and concerns and we’ll tackle as many as we can in an hour. You can participate or just listen in. You’ll still receive the clearing energies.

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