interact in a New Way

Are you a facilitator who wants to learn to better connect with your students? A salesperson who wants to engage potential clients? A healer looking to enhance their session? A leader who wants to inspire? Then join us for a day of training where we’ll look at what you’re doing energetically to affect your facilitation. While this class is aimed for people who use energy and spiritual modalities, the techniques can be applied to all areas of facilitation.

In this class you will learn energetic methods to facilitate people and groups for easier and more effective interactions. We will focus on staying in a non-judgemental space and tapping into intuition with people and clients. Each participant will have a turn facilitating an individual or the rest of group in their modality with the instructor helping to guide them to better awareness, and then another turn using the new techniques.


Max class size: 10 people so everyone can get enough time in the hot seat.

Note: Having come to any energetic magic event is advised but not essential.

Bonus: Receive a $60 discount for each person you refer to this course