Money. Finances. Abundance. Prosperity. Manifesting. Investing. Earning. Loosing. Tight. Broke. Where are you on the money spectrum?

Please Note: The time of the event is just the deadline to purchase tickets. This event runs for 25 days as explained below.

Money. Finances. Abundance. Prosperity. Manifesting. Investing. Earning. Loosing. Tight. Broke.

Where are you on the money spectrum? Do you feel in flow with money? Do you trust everything is going to work out?

Or do you fear one wrong move is going to ruin everything? That if you take your eyes off your bank balance you are going to fall down a hole of massive debt so deep you’ll never climb out?

And let’s be honest, you’re probably somewhere in-between, am I right?

Things are pretty good, but more money would be better for sure. There’s food in the fridge and a roof over your head which you’re grateful for to be sure, and yet no matter how many affirmations or mantras you say your bottom line isn’t looking any bigger.

I get it! And I’m no money expert that’s true. The strangest thing has been happening for the past six weeks though, and that’s why I’m so excited to bring the ever popular topic of money to the 25 Days Remote Energy Program…

For the past six weeks I have been receiving deposits into my bank account almost daily.

Often multiple times a day…

Often from unexpected sources…

Often in larger amounts than the money I was expecting to receive.

This is NOT usual for me, MY MONEY REALITY HAS COMPLETELY SHIFTED! Do you want to come play and see what MONEY MAGIC is waiting for you too? Let’s do it! Let’s make some MONEY.

25 Days is a Remote Energy program where I align the group in an energy bubble and then work on the group energy several times a week depending on what Source recommends, with emails coming to the group every 4-5 days. The program runs from the 1st of the month to the 25th.

PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to be anywhere or do anything to receive the energies other than being open to receive. They will come to you automatically when I do the remote work.

There are 2 groups at 2 different price points.

Clearing ($30):

This is the basic group where each person will essentially get an energetic shower to get rid of anything unhelpful that has accumulated.

Several times a week I will:

– clear any energetic parasites picked up during the day (people, places, & things that we let drain us)

– remove any entities that have been picked up

– remove any spiritual attachments people put on you

– realign your connection to both the Earth and the Divine

– comb out tangles in your energy field

– flush your system of any stagnant energies of the day

– do a general karmic clearing

– nightly immersion in the quantum energy field (makes you more aware of the beliefs, patterns, and stories running your life)

– I will be shifting beliefs around the month’s theme based on what awarenesses come up for me

If you have any physical discomfort from the clearings please email me at


In this group you get all the benefits of the Clearing group plus:

— Unlimited access to me through email for personal issues for me to add to the clearings of the bubble

– 2 live coaching calls on Monday July 6th and 20th from 8:30-10.30pm Eastern

Please send emails to