Bring your burning money questions to get direct from Source guidance and expansion!

You’ve heard money is everywhere.

You’ve heard that money is unlimited, inexhaustible, infinite, and just waiting for you…

Then where the heck is YOUR MONEY, am I right?

This Masterclass is a chance for you to ask all your questions about money, about abundance, about what is happening for you around YOUR ENERGY of manifesting more money.

In this interactive class, I will be using Energetic Magic and body healing techniques to uncover the sub-conscious beliefs and stories that are holding you back from the flow of money – I’ve been doing this work myself over the past few months and for the past six weeks I have manifested a steady stream of money into my bank account, often multiple times a day and in amounts bigger than I was expecting.

Wouldn’t that be amazing for you too?!?!

Bring your questions and I will give you a glimpse of what is actually going on for you with money and prosperity at an energetic and subconscious level. We may discover the deeper issues you never knew you had, or, if you are ready, I may shift them altogether right there in the class.

If you’ve been putting out the call for more money and it hasn’t been showing up, come join me and find out what is REALLY going on!