Enjoy a powerful class where we dig into the unconscious beliefs you have that are causing illness, fatigue, & accelerated aging in you.

The Weight of Age

It this class we’ll be looking at the beliefs we have that cause us to be unfit and to age. As much as diet and exercise can contribute to your health, your beliefs can actually override their results or prevent you from getting into a healthy lifestyle. As well, when you start to shed beliefs about what it means to age, you can slow down, stop, and even reverse the aging process.

You will learn techniques to put you in a mindset of health, fitness, and youth while destroying beliefs about illness, aging.

Shiraz uses Energetic Magic to help people identify and change their beliefs. And people’s beliefs create their reality. If you’re ready for a change in your reality then this is the workshop for you!

Reviews of previous workshops

“One of the girls who comes to my meditation group was so moved by your intro night. She said it has created incredible change in her that she wasn’t able to produce for over 30 years. How incredible!!” – Larissa

“Omg! It was an amazing workshop! Definitely a life-altering experience.” – Kay Bee

“I attended your session last night. I have lived with chronic pain in my left forearm for the last 7 years. This morning I woke without any pain. When a little tried to slip in, I let it go. I’m freaked out in a good way, if that makes sense.” – Hera

“Another awesome evening full of laughter, wonderful insight, and powerful shifting.” – Kayli

“Amazing technique to release and clear lots of hidden issues. Enjoyed the evening a lot. Thanks Shiraz for all you do and being willing to take on and transmute all the crap for everyone!” – Sandy