Learn techniques to improve your money situation in this powerful workshop

The Money Dream:

Imagine being able to create money easily and quickly. Imagine not worrying when expenses come up because you know that more money is on the way. Would you like to be free of money worries? Would you like to feel financially safe and secure? How would it feel if money was something you played with and not worried about?

The Problem:

Many people think it’s what we do that creates wealth, but it has been shown through interview after interview with successful people that our wealth flow is based on who we are, that is, what and how we think about wealth. You can do just about anything to make money, but your limiting beliefs about it are what really determine how much money you allow to flow into your life. These beliefs include:

  • how hard it is to make
  • how much is available or accessible
  • whether you deserve it
  • whether other people deserve it more than you
  • how it will change you
  • how it will affect your relationships
  • many other limiting beliefs

The Solution:

In this all day workshop we’ll look at the limiting beliefs you have about wealth and help you to destroy those beliefs and step out of your current money story into one that is filled with wealth and more ease. You will see how Law of Attraction principles, removing limiting beliefs, and using money management combine to create greater ease with money for you.

This is an interactive workshop where we’ll look at your individual blocks and beliefs and tackle them head on. Then we’ll show you new ways to look at money and wealth and how to attain them. You will also find out why your attempts to break the money barriers you have, have not worked yet.

This is a transformative day of fun and magic. Come online and align your energy to that of wealth.